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If you are looking for a bespoke VW T6 conversion with everything you could ever have imagined for your campervan, then look no further than Wam Bam Campervan. We’re passionate about all things campervan including the fun, the adventure and the excitement of driving around with a road-map. On top of our great campervans, we offer great prices. The cost of our new campervans for sale in the UK are truly unbeatable, and we are proud that you can buy a bespoke campervan from us for as little as £42,000.

There are a number of benefits to buying a campervan, whether you opt for a brand-new van or you decide to choose one of our used campervans for sale in the UK. Whilst living life on the road is not for everyone, for many, it is a chance to escape and explore hidden parts of the world they would otherwise not get to see. 

With a campervan you can plan ahead and avoid peak travel times such as school holidays. With our help, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, travelling off the beaten path alongside your travel companion – or alone if you prefer! When you travel in a campervan, you are in complete control of every aspect of your trip. 

You can choose exactly where you go, and how long you will stay, in order to truly tailor your trip to your exact requirements.

Our New Campervans for sale

Our new campervans for sale in the UK such as the Volkswagen T6 campervan, start at just £42,000. This price includes a pop-up roof system with bed deck, tinted rear windows, rear safety belts, 115 AH Leisure battery with dual charge, an advanced Digital Power Management System, fully functional kitchen, space saving fitted storage cupboard, clip on sliding table, LED lighting, ply floor with anti-slip floor covering and a secure gas locker and gas bottle. On top of the standard perks of buying a VW transporter van for either your own conversion or an already fully converted VW campervan, we also offer a range of carefully selected optional extras and upgrades to allow you to customise your campervan to your exact requirements. If we are unable to source what you are looking for, we can make it for you, so you can be certain that you will have the coolest campervan on the block, completely tailored to your needs. 
With up to 10-year finance available, you can confidently wave goodbye to overpriced package holidays and say hello to a world full of adventure, excitement and the unknown.

Our used Campervans for sale

Here at Wam Bam Campervan, we understand that it isn’t always possible to jump straight in and search for new campervans for sale in the UK, which is why we offer used campervan services. Our used campervans for sale in the UK look just like new, but without the price tag. All equipped with the same features, you are certain to have an unforgettable holiday when you opt for a used campervan, the same as you would in one of our new campervans for sale in the UK. All of our campervans are stylish and high-quality, so you can be confident that you are receiving the very best van to suit your travel needs, at an even more affordable price.

For more information about our campervans for sale in the UK, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page.