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campervan conversions

custom campervan conversions

If you are looking for a bespoke VW T6 conversion with everything you could ever have imagined for your campervan, then look no further than Wam Bam Campervan. 

We can't guarantee to make your van's interior like the TARDIS! But, if it's gadgets and clever use of space you need, we've probably been there and done that. 

We go that extra mile to put the Wam and Bam into any campervan. 
In particular, we specialise in VW T5s and T6s and as you can see below, stylish, innovative thinking is the essence of our design and engineering skills. We love a challenge, so let us know your thoughts - however crazy or demanding they may seem - and we'll do all we can to make your ideas work.

Professional bespoke campervan conversions

Campervans are a convenient and fun way to get into the great outdoors and explore the world without the need for expensive hotels or fiddly tents. If you’re the proud owner of a VW T5 or T6, we’re proud to be able to offer full or partial professional campervan conversions. Campervans aren’t the biggest vehicles in the world, but with careful planning, clever gadgets and a dusting of smart thinking, making the most of the space you have can leave your van feeling comfortably spacious.With our professional campervan conversions here at Wam Bam Campervans, you can rest easy knowing that we’re putting just as much enthusiasm into your conversion as we do with our very own campervan excursions! We have the expertise to go the extra mile with your conversion and the experience in campervan holidays to know exactly what you and your family need from your van when you travel. We’ll make sure you’re kitted out with everything from sleeping space, to a fully workable kitchen space and we’ll even make sure that any crazy ideas you might have, become a reality!

Campervan conversions in the uK

The UK is full of stunning locations perfect for a campervan escape. From Penzance to the Lake District, through to the Scottish Highlands and back down to South Wales, there are countless campsites around to metaphorically sink your teeth into. If you prefer, you can head to Europe and enjoy some of the road trip opportunities there, too!.

Through our professional campervan conversion, we can turn your beloved van into a high-quality vehicle perfect for travelling. Whether you’re looking for enough room to sleep five for a compact family trip, or you just need enough space for a couple’s or solo getaway, you can set up practically anywhere you can park your campervan, for an entirely unique holiday!.

We specialise in professional campervan conversions for the Volkswagen T5 and Volkswagen T6 and we’ll do our best to make any dreams you might have for your converted van a reality. With careful space saving and hand gadgets, we can help you make the most of your van’s interior for storage, sleep space, room to move and necessities like a stove and a sink!.

Not only are our campervan conversions perfect for staying in during your travels, but we also do our utmost to ensure comfort for the driver and passengers while you’re in motion, too! With smooth driving and plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable while you drive, even the craziest of adventures can be enjoyed in comfort and style. Whether you’re looking to embark on an adventure holiday with the family, or indulging in your favourite music festival with friends or a partner, campervanning is a fun way to get out and enjoy the fresh air with comfort and convenience. We’re campervan enthusiasts here at Wam Bam Campervans, so if you’re looking for a conversion carried out by knowledgeable, experienced people who really understand what you want from your van, you’re in the right place. 

For more information about our bespoke campervans conversions in the UK, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page.